Latest Update 22.06.15

This application has not yet been decided by Surrey County Council following the Embridge Borough Council decision to formally object. The Surrey County Council website suggests this application will be heard before their 2nd September 2015 committee. Despite the Elmbridge Council objection to the proposal, Surrey County Council could still potentially approve the application if they feel their previous reasons for objection have been overcome.

I have had a brief discussion with the case officer at Surrey County Council. Following a suggestion of Elmbridge Borough Council, SCC have requested further information from the applicant on where the waste will be sourced from. This is so that SCC can determine whether they can control where the waste will come from as part of any planning permission. This information is likely to influence whether the application is approved/ refused.

weylands_forum13.04.15  – Update #3

Elmbridge planning sub-committee are meeting this evening to decide the Council’s formal response to Surrey County Council on this application.

Surrey County Council are responsible for making the final decision because the application is for ‘waste management’ and therefore dealt with at a strategic level.

The Elmbridge planning officer dealing with the application has recommended the Council suggest refusal of the application on grounds of inappropriate development on the Green Belt (and lack of critical examination of alternative sites) and impact on traffic levels (however this is only based on the increased movement from more staff on site and not on HGV movements).

Interestingly, the officer makes it clear that the Council would like to object on grounds of the impact of odour from the treatment works and plant on nearby residents.  However at this stage the Council has provided no evidence to contradict the evidence provided by the applicant which concludes that the odour issue can be dealt with satisfactorily.  The officer’s report states that the planning committee will be advised this evening if evidence expected from the Environmental Health department is sufficient to support an objection on this ground.  Surrey County Council did not object to the previous application on grounds of odour impacts.

I will update again when the committee have come to a decision on this. Whatever the outcome, the ball will then be in Surrey County Council’s court.

20.02.15 –  Update #2

Further to my previous update there are now 18 public objections to this application.

There is still time to make representations on this application.

Just click on the link here and then click ‘Comment on this application’. All the supporting documents are available to view under the ‘Plans and Documents’ tab.

14.02.15 Update #1

A new application has been submitted to Surrey County Council for materials recycling facility, construction and demolition waste recycling area, light industrial area and full planning permission for an Aneorobic Digestion Facility.

Surrey County Council refused the 2014 application on 6 grounds including insufficient information regarding cumulative effect of HGV movements, harm to the openness of the Green Belt, impact on the local highway network, air quality and noise.

According to the submitted planning documents, the new proposal reduces the amount of waste to be dealt with by the facility by 60% and the amount of HGV trips by 231-263 trips per day (50%) compared to the earlier scheme and increases the amount of the Green Belt to be returned to its natural green state to 3.64 hectares.

The access to the site is from Lyon Road as opposed to the current access from Molesey Road.  The transport evidence submitted by ‘Clean Power’ states that the proposal will have a ‘minor adverse affect’ on Lyon Road and a ‘minor beneficial affect’ on the remainder of Molesey Road as compared to the permitted uses on the site.

Elmbridge Council have until the 2nd March to submit their view to Surrey County Council who will make the final decision.

The public consultation is currently underway and you can submit your comments now via the Council’s website.  The application reference number is 2015/0235.

Just click on the link here and then click ‘Comment on this application’.

All the supporting documents are available to view under the ‘Plans and Documents’ tab.


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