Music To Calm the Soul St Peter’s Church Hersham

Last Sunday of the Month

Did you know that on the last Sunday of every month, St Peter’s Church, Hersham, host ‘Music to Calm the Soul…an hour or so of soothing sounds and classical music designed to ease away the stresses and strains of the week.

Attendees are invited to ‘…Bathe yourself in the relaxing candlelit atmosphere of our beautiful church and feel your worries drift away…’

Described as ‘…an oasis of calm in a busy world…Music to Cam the Soul is an escape for anyone who wants to take time out in a place of peace and tranquility…’

Refreshments are served at 6.40pm with music commencing at 7pm.

We got in touch with St Peter’s and asked Sarah to send over some more information.

People turn up 6.40pm for a glass of wine and the music starts at 7pm.

I offer something to think about then we have some quiet time and then we listen to a piece of music.

There’s usually a loose theme: friendship, silence, anger, harvest, spring, gardening – depends what comes up during the month. lots of people bring a cushion, take off their shoes and lie down in the pew and let it all wash over them.

If you believe in God then there’s something in the content for you, if you don’t it’s a quiet, peaceful space with some time to think.

Some people who don’t come to anything else in church come to this as there’s no pressure, there’s no service sheet and no audience participation required.”

Why not pop along to St Peter’s this Sunday – refreshments at 18:40, Music at 19:00 – kick back, relax and listen to some soothing music…

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