Duncan Harding Sports Massage & Fitness Coach


About me

I can help you feel fitter, stronger and more confident!

I am a personal trainer AND a sports massage therapist so I am very qualified to help you towards a happier lifestyle by taking care of all aspect of your body transformation!

My approach is to see what works best for you and setting realistic fitness goals, whether it be building lean muscle, cutting body fat or just moving and feeling better.

As a trained sports masseur I have a great understanding of the human body with particular experience of working with professional rugby players, runners and cyclists.

Whatever your lifestyle , if you want to keep fit, or if you have an injury or pain, I can design exercises to help – contact me on info@duncanfitness.co.uk


Fitness coaching sessions

The benefit of my 1 to 1 personal fitness coaching is that you will get a personalised programme with immediate access to my knowledge and experience.

By helping you set realistic and achievable goals you will remain motivated as I provide on-going support and encouragement. I maintain a record of your activities which we review together to show progress and to ensure you continue your progression.

12 weeks with Duncan at 56 I was putting on weight and feeling rather depressed then a friend gave me a leaflet for Duncan Harding fitness and personal training. After a call and a chat I decided to meet Duncan to explain what I wanted.The training started the next day and I was very impressed with how much I could actually do with the coaching from Duncan.

Here we are 12 weeks on and OMG I actually look forward to my sessions and I never thought I’d say that. I’ve lost 21 lbs and gone down two sizes in my trousers.

Duncan is patient.supportive.and I have now recommended him to several of my friends. The best trainer I’ve ever had and I feel amazing.if you want to get in shape and fit then this is the guy to help and support you on this journey. I can’t thank my friend enough for bringing me his leaflet 12 weeks ago. Duncan your are amazing and I’m proud to have you as my PT – Douglas Bennett-Hewett

Sports massage

Sports massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue to benefit someone who undertakes regular physical activity. Soft tissue is simply the body’s connective tissue and includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

Who can benefit from Sports massage?

Everyone! It’s not just for athletes, sports massage can benefit anyone who has muscular tightness or pain. Sports massage is designed to correct the musculoskeletal imbalances in the soft tissue which have been caused by repetitive and strenuous activity and trauma.

The benefits from sports massage are that it can reduce pain, improve posture, reduce stress, increase flexibility, improved drainage of waste products such as acetic acid and carbon dioxide, reduced discomfort from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and just help to make someone feel better about themselves.

Having recently completed a 24 hour running race where we each ran 40 miles in 5 mile laps at a very hard pace, my left calf was very sore. It was extremely tight and uncomfortable to walk on. Duncan assessed my calf for any serious damage but once he knew it was just very tight he treated it with deep tissue massage. I’m pleased to say that even after that afternoon it felt a lot better and the following day I was back running. He did a great job! -Phil Hill

Whatever your lifestyle , if you want to keep fit, or if you have an injury or pain, I can design exercises to help – contact me on info@duncanfitness.co.uk



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